Braccia Lini Group gaming,Guide,Latest,Tutorial How to Use Reverse Image Search on Mac (Step-by-step Guide for Newbies)

How to Use Reverse Image Search on Mac (Step-by-step Guide for Newbies)

How to Use Reverse Image Search on Mac (Step-by-step Guide for Newbies)

Are you wondering how easy life would be if you can use a picture to collect information? If yes, then you’re probably looking for a tool that will allow you to do such. Well, your search is over because you can now utilize Reverse Image Search for that task. 

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Reverse Image Search is a one of a kind tool that allows users to use image to gather data. So, instead of the traditional words or phrases, you can upload an image to start your data collection. What makes this a good application is that it is very easy to use and doesn’t need any technical skills or knowledge. Without anymore ado, here’s how to use Reverse Image Search.

How to Collect Data using Images

As mentioned earlier, Reverse Image Search is a good tool to help you obtain information on the web using an image. This is beneficial to those who doesn’t know anything about a certain thing, for instance a plant, but do have a photograph of such. You can easily load the image on the site and all the necessary information will be provided to you.

Here are the steps on how you can use this on your computer, specifically on Mac operating system.

  1. To start, connect your computer to an internet connection and launch Safari or any browser.
  2. Now, go to the official website of Reverse Image Search.
  3. On the homepage, you will find an Upload button. Simply click on it.
  4. Choose the image that you want to search and click Ok.
  5. Now, click on Show Matches or hit Upload Another if you want to add new images.  
  6. Upon clicking on Show Matches, you will be redirected to the pages where you can find the information about the image.

And that’s it! You can already search for details or information using just a picture or image. 

You can also do a reverse picture search from any kind of other internet browser by going to as well as pasting a web link URL or submitting a photo to browse by photos for. The end outcome is exactly the same.

Reverse Image Search can be a very powerful tool when trying to check the legitimacy of an image, since you can easily discover the origin of a picture. This is particularly helpful if you see something trending on social networks (whether it’s phony, memes, political garbage, predisposition strengthening rubbish, or any of the various other internet trash that proliferates on socials media) as well as you intend to really inspect the photo or explore it more for yourself, or possibly also locate the origin of the image, or uncover if it has been modified.


Have you tried Reverse Image Search already? If yes, please share your thought with us. We also welcome feedback or recommendations to improve the tool. However, in case you haven’t, make sure to check out the application.

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